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VAT & Warranty

Important - you may be able to save money on your UltraCane

Personal Customers within the UK 

If you live within the UK and you are registered with a visual disability, it is possible for you to save money by buying an UltraCane without paying VAT.

Simply select 'VAT Exempt for disability' in your account information and complete the 'VAT Exemption for Individuals' form.

If you are not sure if you qualify, further information is available in "Notice 701/7 VAT reliefs for disabled people", which may be obtained from the UK HMRC website.

Charities within the UK 

If you represent a charity within the UK and you are supplying UltraCane products to people with a registered visual disability for their domestic or personal use, it is possible for us to supply you UltraCane products free of VAT. Simply register as a charity and fill in the 'VAT Exemption for Charities' form.

Customers and Charities outside the UK

You are likely to have to pay import duties and sales taxes within your own country, you will need to check the level of costs with your own import customs and excise duties department.  However, UltraCanes are classed as "Goods for Disabled People" and as such the VAT/Tax rate is usually lower than the standard rate.  If you would like us to check the VAT/Tax for you and give you an estimate of the costs, please contact us.


Your new UltraCane comes with a 24 month parts and labour warranty for your peace of mind.

However, some UltraCanes live a tough life and accidents can happen. So you'll be pleased to know that we have set up a dedicated warranty and repair centre to look after you long after your purchase. We know you will come to depend on your UltraCane and we will work with you to make sure you and your UltraCane stay out and about. Just contact us if you have any issues with your UltraCane and we will be happy to get it sorted for you.

For all warranty repairs and servicing, please contact us directly to arrange return of your UltraCane to us.  You may be requested to pay for shipping if you are living outside the UK.  We will repair with new parts during the warranty period.  We will only replace your existing UltraCane with a new model if parts cannot be replaced.