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UltraCane Sizing

How to choose the correct length UltraCane.

Measurements below are specific to the UltraCane only.

UltraCane comes in a selection of lengths

If you are a standard white cane user, then please use the current length of your cane and order the same size UltraCane as long as it reaches to the centre of your breastbone whilst standing in front of it.  If its longer, then please use the sizing gauge below for guidance.

Sizes available range from 110cm to 150cm in 5cm increments. If your existing cane size falls between the UltraCane sizes, for instance if your cane is 122cm, then please order a 125cm UltraCane. We recommend that you order a cane at the next longer size rather than ordering a cane that is too short.

If you do not have a standard white cane, it is important to ensure that you order the correct Ultracane length to suit your height.

How to size your UltraCane

If the UltraCane is too short, the user will hold it at too steep an angle, and the sensors will point downwards towards the floor, which will give constant obstacle detection vibrations from the ground. If the cane is too long it will be held at too shallow an angle and it may not detect objects on the ground forward of the user.

As a guide only, to obtain the correct measurement for an UltraCane you will need to measure from the centre of your breastbone down to the ground. If you are unsure then please ask someone to help you. Alternatively, please contact us for further assistance.

Please contact us if you require an UltraCane length that is not advertised, as we may be able to supply UltraCane’s shorter than 110cm or longer than 150cm.