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Training & Support

The UltraCane can introduce you to a new, more mobile, lifestyle. However, we understand that changing to an UltraCane can be a daunting step for some customers.

We want to make the transition to being an UltraCane expert user as easy as possible for you, and we can help in a number of ways:
Training Materials - User Guide and Exercises Guide

Every UltraCane is shipped with a large print copy of the User Manual and a large print copy of the Exercises Guide.  The User Manual gives information on the parts of the UltraCane and how they work.  The Exercises Guide gives a new user several exercises to try out using their new UltraCane so that they can easily become accustomed to using the UltraCane in their own environment and gives tips on how to get the best use. If you would like a braille copy then please contact us.

Rehabilitation and Mobility Experts

Here at UltraCane we understand the importance of ensuring that blind and visually impaired people are able to obtain the training required to benefit from their mobility aids whilst retaining safety and confidence in their use.

To this end, UltraCane supports a training programme designed and developed specifically for the UltraCane by Dr Bruce Blasch, a Research Health Scientist who holds a Masters degree in clinical rehabilitation psychology and in blind rehabilitation.

UltraCane is supporting mobility and rehabilitation experts in their knowledge of training in “Advanced Mobility Aids” by helping to organise Masterclass training sessions as part of ongoing personal development. We want to ensure that as many experts as possible gain experience and knowledge of the UltraCane so that they can better support blind and visually impaired people in their regional areas.

If you would like to know more about our training program, or if you already run training programmes for rehabilitation and mobility students and would like to include the UltraCane as part of your own training scheme, then please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

Blind Societies and Charities

The UltraCane team are keen to participate in “Equipment Open Days” at blind societies and other venues around the United Kingdom, to allow as many blind and visually impaired people as possible to try the new UltraCane and experience its benefits for themselves. We understand that not everyone can travel to exhibitions, so we have decided to bring the product to you!

Please contact us to arrange a date for us to visit you.