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Exhibitions & Events

Please remember, that you don't need to wait for an exhibition to try out the UltraCane for yourself.  Give us a call as we are always travelling around the UK giving demonstrations in people's homes and at community centres, blind and VI societies etc.  We could be in your area soon!  Contact us on 01423 359711 today to arrange an appointment.

Sight Village 2017
Edinburgh 25th April 2017 - http://www.qac.ac.uk/exhibitions/sight-village-edinburgh/28.htm#.WO93nNSU3iw
Glasgow 26th April 2017 - http://www.qac.ac.uk/exhibitions/sight-village-glasgow/52.htm#.WO93gtSU3iw
Birmingham 18th & 19th July 2017 - http://www.qac.ac.uk/exhibitions/sight-village-birmingham/1.htm#.WO93ttSU3iw
London 7th & 8th November 2017 - http://www.qac.ac.uk/exhibitions/sight-village-london/3.htm#.WO93xtSU3iw